Ground Rules [PLEASE READ]

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Ground Rules [PLEASE READ]

Post by Ness on Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:41 pm

Welcome to WeRP!

As I post this, I'm sitting in a high-school math class while people are screaming all around me. With luck, you, dear reader, may be joining us years later, in a calmer time than our current state of chaotic birth. 

Before we get to the fun part, however, I'll need to lay down a few ground rules, subject to change or revision at administrator discretion. Please bear with me.


  1. Zero-tolerance on harassment. Of course we'll get into a few arguments now and again, but in the end, we're a family here: We support one another, no matter what. Don't resort to hate-speech, revenge spam, etc.
  2. Don't be illegal. Please don't post about anything that would get us in trouble. Seriously. 
  3. Be age-sensitive. For now, we don't have an R-18 forum yet, so we're going to be restricted to SFW conversations and RPs until that gets set up in the future. 
  4. No off-topic posts. There are forums for RPs, and forums for conversation. Keep them separate, for the sake of organization and our collective sanity. Additionally, please don't advertise. If you want to publicize anything that badly, message me and we'll figure something out. 
  5. Make your own original work. Plagiarism's a big NO in general. This includes characters (no you cannot use that hottie from Bleach), writing, and art. Profile pics are alright, if you want to get them from the internet, but not work that you post and credit to yourself. 
  6. Stick to English. We're not trying to discriminate, but for the sake of communication, the main forum will be English-only. In the future, if the need arises, we can open new threads for other languages. 
  7. Consider privacy. Don't publicize anyone's personal info should you know them IRL, unless they explicitly give consent. 


  1. Avoid OP characters. As this is still an RP-oriented forum, I feel the need to mention this as a general rule, that Mary Sues/Gary Stus will not be accepted. Play fair.
  2. Post reasonably often. We want to encourage participation from members, however, please don't post consecutively in RPs unless there has been no activity from other RPers for a full week. This way, other RPers have a chance to respond before you continue writing. 
  3. Keep your hands to yourself. Don't control other peoples' characters. You can attack/hurt/kill them with your own, but once you say that 'Person B's character leaped into lava and died for my character', then we've got trouble. 

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